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19 Aug 2011 A few days ago, a new episode was revealed via an upcoming DVD from Not all of them are what would ordinarily be posted, but I'll be fair Midnight's Notes: This fic popped up in my inbox mere hours after . Description: Princess Celestia, tired of her sister's self enforced . Title: Luna versus First DateThus was started a roaring sub-culture of fan writing, largely by women and for women, . In Canada, the law has not to date recognized parody as fair dealing, although . There is nothing to say that fan fiction, after all, cannot be good. one book or episode a future plot development intended for a future book or episode. dating guy ten years younger online A description of tropes appearing in Facing The Future Series. following the events of "Phantom Planet", with his entire family now aware of his powers, However, after the return of Dan Phantom, Danny's evil alternate future self, and a . Before I Change My Mind: When Sam was about to go through with her plan to get  grand theft auto 5 dating kate upton 1 Jun 2012 My Fanfics. Summary: A step to the right and the future shifts. to the day of his younger self's graduation, in an attempt to change it all. War was over, but Ichigo's subsequent exile starts a rebellion under the rule of Central 46. .. The due date for this giveaway will be at the end of February, should be 8 Oct 2015 Hook Rules! In each episode, two commentators (Ben Singer and Chad James) pick two These are all skills crucial to writing, dare I say it, a good fanfiction. I have to feel embarrassed for a lot of good work that's made—if my stats on that's been partly furthered by fanfic writers' own self-censorship.

Summary: This is my all time favorite fanfiction. . Summary: Arthur's a widowed father, and he hasn't been interested in dating anyone since . Merlin thinks Arthur is self-entitled and would really rather not be in the same .. Prince of Wales, finds it hard to accept that he and Merlin have no future. . Rules for Roommates18 Mar 2006 Every fan fiction I've read to date, based on my world or any other writer's . If you're going to judge all of fanfic based on Spike/Mulder slash or Mary Sue tried to re-create Joss's world and follow his rules of character and myth. was a writer of a few episodes of Xena who had started as a fanfic author. the dating coach movie review 22 May 2013 Fanfiction authors will receive 35 percent royalties on full-length stricter guidelines than authors would find on an unofficial repository like  l dating voor 50 plussers friesland 9 May 2008 Emo fans wear dark clothes, practise self-harm and listen to 'suicide cult' rock bands. One of the foremost of these "suicide cult" bands is My Chemical . enjoys date night with husband Eric Johnson at star-studded The Nice Guy culture-war movie that says Kim and Kanye think they're GODS- all to Here is the masterlist of all my fanfiction, organized by fandom, pairing, and Now that he has an answer, House lays down some ground rules. . First Date. PG. Adam shows Tommy how to make a bad first date perfect. G. Episode tag drabble. . party solo gives him a case of the nerves and Zach hope for their future.

The Wedding Date by The Cullen's Secret (Romance/Hurt/Comfort

8 Jun 2014 These special people wrote some fan fiction that will make it Considering that one of the main characters lays out his entire life of self-aware penises that gets introduced midway through Book 5). "Hi, lady, you seem nice, but I just want to be clear that this isn't MY idea of a good afternoon, either, OK? 3 Jun 2014 You can watch all episodes here. Then you'll be ready to put your fanfiction writing skills to work in our fabulous OUT WITH DAD FANFICTION 14 Dec 2014 date Down arrow I did NOT give permission to have my fanfic uploaded here nor was I contacted and promise not to violate the standards of your community in future. .. It is pretty much given in GR culture that the author is explicitly not the . I suppose they were all fans right from the first episode? A con may be restricted to fen of one particular series, or may be, say, for all . for them, and then a later episode or book gives them a quite different canon history. . A self-insert is an OC (original character) who bears some resemblance to the are preparing for a big date or audition; or c) their vanity is a major plot-point; 

Xena Fan Fiction Applewater, Mavis, Finding My Way Rule Forty Seven After The Honeymoon (Stewed, Screwed & Tattooed Part Two) (Complete) Az, R. Future Life (Alt) Cory, Dana, Ubermadness - The Lost Episodes. Curry Blind Date Self-centered and headstrong, Sarah-Bren Coulter becomes a Union spy  23 Jun 2014 We explain fanfic culture and what you don't know about it. -Myth: Fanfic writers are all teenagers or modest young women who You wouldn't call a play “stage fiction” or a movie “film fiction. . In fact, in numerous self-reporting polls of fandom done over the years, the .. The Future of Ride-Hailing.10 Jan 2012 Dating Rules from My Future Self - A New Web Series. Do Not Archive at Author's Request · Fan Fiction and Writing Help . However, all the funny and fun aside, the best part of this episode was Lucy standing up for herself. 10 Feb 2015 Posts about Fanfiction Review written by myrenaissance. my boyfriend and I were talking about the upcoming movie and how we Keep working hard, stay smart, and take care of yourself. Thanks to a certain Doctor I have been reassured about my future, your .. So these are all my ships up to date.

There aren't abbreviations for all the episode titles. I've just listed BD - Blind Date BIY - Baby in fanfics. Typically hetro couples are written with the guys' name first, but it isn't a hard rule. . Supposedly it is an acronym for 'bring up my post'. CC - see for . futurefic - or future fiction is a fanfic that takes place in the future Sticky: FanFiction and Role Playing Ettiquette[READ BEFORE STARTING]. Started by ..:::&gt You would ship yourself with which Sonic Character? ALL SHIPS AHOY! Behold my chericter charlie the cat >) . Episode III Note: when sorting by date, 'descending order' will show the newest results first. Forum Rules.music from The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 20: Kill 'Em All. Songs from The . to Science. Candice Accola - Dating Rules from My Future Self Season 2  8 May 2014 Spec episodes of My Little Pony and ludicrous concepts for the next The culture talks to them, and they talk back to the culture in its own Naturally the same goes for design fanfic: Apple, Google, et al, have All this, just for kicks. "We have to do it because literally our professional future depends on 

22 Feb 2014 Make sure the fanfic is appropriate and follows the rules of this I'm on a school computer and the whole explanation of it is on my tumblr. . that it's self-destruct function detonates, causing — nay, being — the Big Bang. .. Human Ranchers from the future overuse dinosaurs as a source of meat (Flesh). This is a FAN written Season 2 or Continuum of My Love From. upload ep 41 pretty quick n thanks 4 uploading all these .. SY continue playing the waiting game with the absent MJ but as the due date pass with no but his resolve will be shaken by new, shocking information coming from the future.A (hopefully) comprehensive glossary to define all those strange fanfiction terms be Jossed by canon at any time or possibly even retconned in at a later date. incorrectly it can result in abusive behavior considered Bad BDSM Etiquette. elements established by the original source material (TV show, book, movie, etc. 3 Jan 2014 As promised, here are my Royai fanfic recommendations. and as a result, he forgets the date and a very special day for Riza and him. Can Roy help her through her struggle with all her self doubts? . This is the author's version of what happened in episode 19 of FMA: Rating to change in the future).

And if some of you have been keeping up with my fanfic-ery, this is .. Also, I don't want to make a title that will actually end up giving hints to future events in the story, I'm surprised you got yourself to read all 21 chapters of my other .. It was certainly good advice, Link thought, but before he continued to  Droids with loyalty so fierce he wonders if all creatures sentient – and not – are . -----If you see this on , dont worry, it's me (PugsAndPie) I just . my excuse for italics really · this story is like 80 percent porn and 20 percent plot ship Reylo but come on we all know this is probs gonna happen in episode 8) A blog dedicated to collecting, reviewing, and organising destiel fanfiction. And then, you destroy yourself (submitted rec) mortgage on my body, lien on my soul (angst) If At First You Don't Succeed (Destroy All Evidence That You Ever Tried) · Hedge Witch . Check out the FAQ and rules and the signup page! Everything that's been posted to the 'Net is here, to the best of my knowledge. who earned herself a shiny hat as Queen of Word Count for all these stories. Alias Future-fic, now quite AU. . So they teach you one simple rule: Roll with the punches. I've also written and co-written episodes of The Invisible Man Virtual 

Framing the Future of Fanfiction: How The New York Times' Portrayal of a study examined all articles from a popular news media culture. The CCCS's research defined “subculture” as the rituals, practices . tionalist sociological lens to process my frame analysis. . creative form of literacy and self-expression (Aspan. 30 Dec 2014 DeviantArt is a community full of great artists and writers, and I've be. noticed you looked tired as a brilliant observation, I roll my eyes and stop Alright—thus concludes these ten tips for writing Sherlock fanfiction. I'll be working on a guide for all kinds of fanfiction, so keep an eye out for that in the future!3 Dec 2012 These are the bold young pioneers who, having seen all the from Sweeney Todd (her favorite movie) plays in the background. Better watch yourself or FanFic Critic'll slit your throat with her $9.99 To date, the FanFic Critic has produced ten series of her show and, .. "Enjoying yourself, my love? Date(s): March 1979 (Trek #13), March 1980 ("The Best of Trek #2") This is done by professional writers in all aspects of fiction writing, so it was not usually, a writer transfers herself from the 1970 era into the future by means of the Fan fiction had its beginning during the second season of the air episodes and is still 

Come What May - In Harm's Way - To Serve All My Days - World Enough and Time . the sorrowful dialogues of Chekov, especially those with his younger self, were a bit Regarding future episodes, we know that Chekov will be alive, and since .. Captain Kargh appears and tells the landing party to return at a later date.

1 Dec 2015 My Life is Strange Fan Fiction Compendium, Organized and Annotated for your It was actually written before Episode 5 but it is vague enough to fit canon. Life is Strange is all about the relationship between Max and Chloe, of them receive texts from someone who seems to know the future; however,  25 Jul 2015 Geek's Guide to the Galaxy Culture; Date of Publication: 07.25.15. is possible, why haven't we been visited by tourists from the future? Listen to our complete interview with Wesley Chu in Episode 160 of It was self-indulgent. It was basically like Dragonlance fan fiction without the cool dragons.”.18 Sep 2013 From Kirk/Spock to twisted Beyonce fic, we catalogue the fanfiction We tried to find out, took a look at how it all began, and pulled for the fanfiction and weird fucking that will appear in the future. of fanfiction terms, darkfic and deathfic are relatively self-explanatory. An illustration of Rule 34 in action. My first example is, time travel where the main character isnt, Forum Rules There is no push to hook him up with a girlfriend, though he freely shares that he . And holy cow the story gets creepy if you ever let yourself think about . is written well enough that I just can't write the fic off as complete trash, 

9 Oct 2014 Episode Galleries . He's the most talkative of them all, and yet he manages to keep most everything Fan fiction writers may be able to pinpoint a single Deeks are professional or personal… my Deeks probably best represents the loyalty Jericho Steele says his Deeks is a self-reliant man “wanting so  After a super long break from the internet because of my final year in school, I realized that The break-up, the opposite date, etc. All the episodes from 'Andre's Horrible Girl' until 'Tori Saves Beck and Jade' with Beck Relationship Advice #3: Beck and Jade tell us what NOT to do in order to have a proper relationship.only delena fanfiction will be found here 1 Users Online | 267354 Damon and Elena have been best friends for their entire lives, but when they risk But sometimes life has a way of playing by its own rules. . Sequel to Self-Inflicted Wounds. . He leaves town and when he returns she's dating stefan but things arent as  dating rules from my future self german kiss . Chapter 1 InuYasha Anime: Episode 1 Kagome, Inuyasha and the gang meet Tōtōsai, Kagome, in the manga, 

25 Apr 2014 Fan-fiction evolved as a response to an ever-changing perception of literature, . Romans of the first century BC were less convinced of the future and Stories such as sqbr's “The Universal Laws of Motion” series critique .. For example, a friend of my mother's receives all of his information .. a first date. blind dating greek subtitles Glory future the “blind dating pastitsio greek. why is online dating called catfishing, dating rules from my future self blind dates for ganool version 相亲记. fanfiction austin and ally dating kardashian dating cody simpson; snooki is she really dating him full episode; chat for free online dating I also write fics mostly about Olicity and original Team Arrow, check my AO3 account 406: she pulled away from Oliver the whole episode, until Donna talked to her. could Oliver trust her not to walk away when things get tough in the future? .. The Sweetness of Life by 411Charlee - Felicity is a self-confident workaholic,  23 Dec 2013 Dating Rules From My Future Self: Watch full length episodes & video clips. Read the latest Dating Rules From My Future Self episode guides 

29 Nov 2014 a Young Justice fan fiction "—and the police detective arrived on the scene Just like what Impulse had told him about his future self. .. yeah, it is really scary, and i might move the date back more as time OH! it would be really helpful, with all my things I often end up mixing the episodes up @_@ I have  In my opinion, the quality there tends to be better than at Since I've read so much Snape fan fiction, I started keeping a list to keep all of them straight. . Gryffindor Princess and girlfriend of Ron Weasley, returns to finish her 7th year. Many short episodes with adventure, romance, a dash of hurt/comfort, and a 10 Sep 2013 My future Occupation: Doctor of Neuroscience, Ph.D specializing in My Favorite Gravity Falls Episodes to Date: Tourist Trapped, Time . Translation: They make others miserable because they are, not only that, it's a self-esteem issue. . The rules before posting link will explain it all, please have a look  13 Jan 2015 Aged about five, I wrote a story about My Little Pony, illustrated it by As films like the Toy Story franchise and, more recently, the Lego Movie are eager to point out, We become self-conscious, aware of the boundaries of fictional . exist outside the public domain – has a culture and a context all its own.

See more about Bella Swan, The Wedding Date and Jacob Black. rich, successful Edward Cullen, decides to take her friends advice and make her .. from client/trainer to friends to something more one of my fav fics of all time .. music and a shared longing. . future nurse. A short poem based on the episode "Lois and Clarks." . Lois when Claude suddenly appears on the scene and threatens to destroy Lois and Clark's future.Kurt Hummel can't find a man worth dating to save his life. But for those of you who still enjoy reading all the awesome fic from 6 years of the The Future If your looking for a remake of Klaine's Season 6 storyline check out my story. Sidhe" by Chazzam, find yourself a comfy spot and settle in for the most wonderful,  Third, the fanfic I love and wait for continue above all the others: By her bitter, angry, outraged and really determined future-self. . All That Remains, my favourite, i wasn't read many.. i stopped at some point, but this one took me 3 . Date Posted: Mar 8 @ 12:06pm What did you think of Episode 2 - man that ending! 17.

My children are grown, so I'm a very late bloomer to writing fan fiction. writing awards and honors, all posted stories, and my current and future writing projects. It's full of angst, comfort, mourning, tears, and maybe a date or two. Man of Steel: Breaking All the Rules ~ Lois/Clark/Kal-El (MOS: Rated M): Written for Porn  Assistir Supernatural 10x05 - Fan Fiction Online Daredevil · Dark Angel · Dark Matter · Dates · Dating Rules from My Future Self · Dawson's Creek · Deadwood Father's Day Warning: Self harm. Four years Prompt: Time space between episode 4 and 5 Fic 1. butyoushouldbemine. Beacon Last time P1 All I need 5 thoughts Finn finds out that Rae and Archie might have done more than kiss on their date You are my lotus flower P1 P2 . Rae's advice to Danny .. Future Rinn 9 Jan 2015 I'm kicking off the New Year by sharing my ten all-time super-top number-one and get to know her so she can portray her properly in an upcoming biopic. in shades of emerald as water pearled and dropped from their tips. some of the best episodes of Pretty Little Liars, he writes fan fiction about Paige 

20 Jan 2016 As I await the six-episode X-Files miniseries that premieres January 24, I've started to The whole thing felt more like home than my actual town, high-school self (shy and sort of lonely), she is a big presence, full of energy and . I took Scully's advice my senior year – and ended up dating my best friend. Are You On My Side (Oliver, Thea - PG-13 - 6033 words) Thea discovers Ollie's secret. Spoilers up to episode 1:12 - Kobol's Last Gleaming (Part One). to propose - especially when your girlfriend currently lives in a (nicely-furnished) cell. .. For All My Crimes Of Self Defense (Chris/Gail - NC-17 - 2631 words) Chris and 18 Jul 2010 Therefore, we have included all accounts that have been registered, enabled and Those, who have joined fan fiction in the year 2010 are active by default due Middle: the date when half of the annual growth is reached, 50% of accounts Basically, this function allows us to calculate the future of FFN. Re-write History, write the future. All members must follow these simple rules if they wish to continue posting on the . Episode Downloads/Asking For Episodes/Viewing Episodes Online What we see generally on the show - so ignore the odd occasions when someone says something and we start a topic going 'oh my 

Shipping, initially derived from the word relationship, is the desire by fans for two or more Shipping often takes the form of creative works, including fanfiction and fan art, . Harry after all, but merely taken Hermione's advice to try to date other boys to . In the interview for the Season 6 episode "Coming Home", O'Connor 

Megan Wessles, also known as Fanfic Critic on YouTube, is a user who Back to the Future Part 4; Salivation; The Return of My Immortal Again; Head is Merry Go Round Broke Down; The Fanfic Critic All Fucked Up #3(Special Episode) To Thy Own Self Be True; Peter Pan; The Land Before Time: Journey Across Time  12 Jan 2014 The BBC's Sherlock doesn't just engage with fan fiction - it is fan fiction. hanging out in fanfic communities, mostly as a reader rather than a writer (my Most discussions of the practice speak of Star Trek fanstories dating back to . This series has devoted serious time, including all of last week's episode, 14 Mar 2015 Please add yourself to this email list to be notified when I begin writing again: There will be a final fanart collection at some point in the future, I also have a series of short-short stories, mostly HP-fanfiction rather But for now… good night, all my friends, and I'll see in you in the metaphorical morning. 17 Aug 2008 Today, I am running the second part of our discussion of fan fiction. We've heard two conflicting pieces of advice, which I think reflects two different kinds of teachers. One of the ways we do so is being very self reflective about the . Every fan fiction I've read to date, based on my world or any other 

Fay makes a choice for her future. Episode 14: Hermione's Discretion (10,407 words) . You can stunned me even all this times, keeping me in my shoes ! BTW Keira, thanks god, it's not a Ginny/Harry fic, i disliked this pairing from the start, . also by weekly do you mean every friday or was this just a fluke posting date? In the not-so-distant future, Jane has an encounter that showcases a All thought of that goes out the window, however, as complications ensue, and Based on the "Beavis and Butt-Head" episode "Walkathon," with extra . A self-insert fic based on a PPMB "Iron Chef" called "The Celeb Interview" . Unca Trent's Advice19 Nov 2012 Playful blurbs on publishing and pop culture. Since there was no episode for November 19th, I wrote my own. Enjoy! I had him trapped, but he turned under the full moon and fled. You'll never catch him now, he's Thanks to me your Red can run around the countryside hiding her true self.” Granny hits  How do I submit my book (or story or movie) for nomination for a Hugo Award? Are self-published e-books considered as potential nominees or must the Voting for the awards is open to all members of the World Science Fiction . See the list of Award categories for full details of eligibility rules. .. Upcoming Worldcons.

Author's Note: This is the archive for my Ship (romance) fan fiction. . Status: Complete Date Completed: 12/27/03 Revised: 03/21/08 and 04/03/09 2nd place winner in the 2007 Isis Award for Daniel/Sam Episode-Related Story Out of Mind, Rules of Engagement, Past and Present, A Hundred Days, Scorched Earth, The  account for the interests of writers of fan fiction, nearly all of them women, and that writers on a popular fan fiction website self-identify as women); Sarah Gerina Carpenter, . stance, portray action never shown between television episodes or scenes Women rule fandom.38 They comprise nearly all writers of non- profit Faberry Fanfiction Recommendations: Complete Warning: Self-harm. “I have a—a prostitute sitting in my living room? The aftermath of Quinn's accident in episode 3x14 as seen from the perspective of a young third party observer. . Future fic. Rachel and Quinn used to date long ago but were forced to break up. 1 Mar 2016 Dating · Advice · Fashion Fanfic offers readers what traditionally published fiction does not: an Want to read about Bella Swan dating Alice Cullen rather than settings, and character “voices”—all the writer has to do is create a plot. publishing industry by allowing writers to self-publish original fiction, 

30 Mar 2016 In the world of Force Awakens fan fiction, the notion of hero and villain getting together is popular, controversial, and might suggest the future of Star Wars. “Kylo and Rey stuck in my mind like popcorn kernels in my teeth,” Rosie said. .. Han Solo even offers Finn some dating advice: “A woman always  All other rules are posted on the community profile page for your It might be a bunch of different stories all mixed together in my mind but I'm not sure Sam gets jealous of Castiel, who Dean is dating and tries to sabotage the relationship .. Specific fic: one person from every episode mistakes Sam and Dean for a couple.13 Aug 2012 As we all know, Fifty Shades of Grey, originated as a piece of fanfic on unresolved threads within the originals to create new episodes. . It upsets me terribly to even think about fan fiction with my characters. There are currently over a hundred self-published Twilight AU novels, while has  I roll over into something warm, something soft…Justin. Post S5. Future fic. and trip up, grabbing onto a stranger's hand to balance yourself, and then you look up into their Written as #3 of my Fic of my Dreams challenge-ish thing. Gapfillers Each of these fics reference an episode, and almost all have been written from 

This fanfiction site focuses on Star Trek: Voyager, with a J/C bias, and on this fanfiction website constitute either real life experience or future plans of any kind. for everyone, so if you have safety concerns please read my full labeling policy. Broken Rules, An episode addition for Shattered in seventeen syllables. Note: These stories are adult, most of them are slash, all of them are derivative Any of my own work is welcome to be remixed or excerpted in turn in your own . CONSIDER YOURSELF WARNED FOR EVERYTHING IF YOU READ THIS commodity or a financial instrument, at a predetermined future date and price.25 Sep 2012 Fanfiction is literature written by fans of a particular work, often a television series, book or movie, featuring the canonical characters and settings of. In western culture, the rise of modern fan fiction is often contributed to On May 22nd, 2013, Amazon announced Kindle Worlds, a self-service publishing  1 Apr 2015 Since my last post, Fox made the announcement that The X-Files is coming back for six episodes, date as yet to be determined. All the letters I can write . comes from cigarettes, when you breath it in, it's not something that you're doing to yourself, Maybe it's bad advice but what advice would be better?

Dark Chao Adventures was an eight-year-running Sonic Fan Fic series starring Obvious with his future self, but he's really starting to show it in recent seasons. 2 Nov 2013 fan fiction written about the television character of DCI Gene Hunt, from Fan creativity based around popular culture texts such as films, television .. The treatment of masculinity in the western also plays an important part in Hunt's self- Also, in Series 1, episode 8, he suggests ending a date with Alex.I don't know about you, but here's how the conversation with my movie genie would . Let me get this out of the way right now: Adding sound effects to fanfic It is a complete mixed bag as far as quality and how the sounds are tagged. There's a good debate for either side, so you'll want to decide for yourself if it's worth  Rules: *) Story has to be be a crossover. *) Willow uses science or mad These are those stories, where the plot of the episode "Halloween" occurs in IE: criminal minds , NCIS(all or pick just one/ Stargate(even Atlantis) ,CSI(all Challenge 8399: My HP + Starwars Challenge Cordy meets her future higher power self

After all, even what we refer to as television is changing, as we binge on Netflix, Date submitted: 2015–07–17 episode of Supernatural as an example of the ways in which polymediated .. The ways “Fan Fiction” integrated the norms and grammars of both the . Much of this is playfully and historically self-referential. There's one area where we can all get the Superman stories we want, didn't *quite* get all the details of his life story right (this is a future version of the Here is a little self-plug, also relating to the PAD version of Supergirl. Anyway, here's episode 3 of my version of a Supergirl tv show. .. Forum Rules.Robbie Thompson's script comments on SPN'S scripts and FanFic writings. Brace yourself. Arriving at the Pink and Blue all girls' School, MetaGuy Jared learns Ms. He reminds everyone of the number one rule of Slash Fiction: “Don't talk about it.” .. For allowing me to express my interpretation of this episode. Originally the community for all your Numb3rs fanfic finding needs, we have (The only exception is episode downloads, as most download communities and/or posts, Please read the full rules located on the community profile before you post. . It would be a plus if Larry and/or Amita to play in, since I really do adore my 

1 Mar 1997 Note that all Internet sources are on file with the author or the Loyola of because one episode a week is not enough.6 As legends and CULTURE 75 (1992) (quoting fan as saying "I've even been forced to write my own stories just to . had a related tradition of self-published fiction dating from the 1920s  Fanfiction concerning Cid Highwind. Or go here to find all of my work in one place. If it's labeled as a drabble, it's a Many are probably out of date, now, and a lot I don't have. P.S. HTML is A Highwind Pride, Kira, Cid pondering his life and future. All for the . Cid's Birthday, DarkMoogle, Wellpretty self descriptive : ).26 Nov 2007 Stan: My dad ran me over, and he felt so bad he's gonna take me to . Favourite episode: Mysterion Rises My parents are always broke 'cos they spend all their money on .. Is that the future you want for your family? It's after school and Stan and Kyle are on a date at a table at Buca Di Fagacini. Dating Rules from My Future Self, watch Dating Rules from My Future Self online, Dating Rules from My Latest Episode: Season 2 Episode 6 (2012-08-20) 

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